conception + birth

This venture has been on my mind for quite sometime, wanting to bring my creativity to the forefront and showcasing amazing pieces. I finally took a leap of faith and went for it. Growing up, I have always been the type of kid to be into arts, music, and crafts and created all kinds of homemade science experiments and loved designing with with my hands. Having ADHD and learning how to adapt and use my "sporadic" brain, making things allowed me to be calm and became a safe haven. I wanted to create jewelry pieces that would be unique and equally beautiful in nature. I finally found the medium that allows me to play around with color, metal and gems. 

Towards the middle of 2018, the conception of marg+cam began, I finally gained the courage to go for it and show the world what I can create. The company's namesake is quite ostentatious as it is a play on my middle and last name respectively. Wanting this company to embody myself entirely and pay homage to the brave and fearless woman that I am becoming, and Im in total awe and love with her. This is sort of like a love letter to my former self and a window into my reborn soul, seeing how much I have grown and developed. 

Now, moving into 2019, I am finalizing my designs and gearing up for S/S 2019 collection to drop. Nervous and excited is very fitting for how I am feeling. I want to be able to share the wealth later on and take on young girls that want to create and eventually open a studio where I can host them and teach them how to create jewelry of their own and become #badassgirlbosses.

I hope you all hang on and enjoy this journey with me as much as I am enjoying the twists and turns.